Monday, March 4, 2024

Jazz CEO says’ Pakistan should not jump on the 5G internet race immediately”

There is a lot of buzz about 5G among business leaders, policymakers, and the media, but this isn’t the same revolution that happened two decades ago when 3G was the big thing and countries jumped on board without a clear roadmap “”The ways developing countries can be enticed to adopt 5G,” said Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim in response to a question about “the ways developing countries can be enticed to adopt 5G.”

Ibrahim spoke at the GSMA’s Mobile 360 APAC conference’s ‘Expectations, Experiences, and Reality of 5G Journey’ panel discussion, which was hosted by Accenture’s Managing Director Ritesh Chandra. Smart Communications’ Chief Technology and Information Advisor Joachim Horn and IndosatOreedoo’s COO Vikram Sinha were the other two panellists.

“The world has evolved; now it is much smarter, and telecom investors are far more astute. “Policymakers must first meet down with a diverse group of stakeholders to work on the digital ecosystem, including use cases to boost technology adoption,” he added.

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