Saturday, May 25, 2024

Jazz has the Largest 4G Subscriber Base in Pakistan with 46.38 Million Users

Asif Aziz, the Chief Business Officer at Jazz, stressed the crucial need to prioritize providing fast 4G internet to rural and semi-urban areas to achieve the Digital Pakistan vision.

During a panel discussion on ‘Infrastructure Development in Pakistan: 5G & Cloud Technology’ at the Global Digital Summit 2024 in Lahore, Asif highlighted Jazz’s significant role in boosting 4G usage in Pakistan. He noted that over the past five years, there has been remarkable growth in 4G adoption, with 90 percent of mobile broadband users now using 4G compared to just 17 percent five years ago. Jazz, in particular, has played a major part in this growth, boasting the largest 4G subscriber base in the country, with 46.38 million subscribers out of an overall cellular subscriber base exceeding 71.5 million.

Asif emphasized Jazz’s efforts to bridge the digital gap by bringing underserved populations into the digital sphere. He stressed that addressing this gap is crucial to preventing inequalities in society.

Furthermore, Asif highlighted the broader benefits of digital connectivity, stating that it goes beyond just basic internet access. Instead, it enables people to lead fully digital lifestyles where they can engage productively with their smartphones throughout the day, accessing a wide range of services and opportunities.

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