Sunday, July 14, 2024

Jazz Serves Rs10 Billion Defamation Notice to SNGPL for Baseless Allegations

In response to the recent baseless allegations of gas theft by Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL), Jazz, Pakistan’s largest digital operator, has served the gas company with a Rs 10 billion defamation notice.

Categorically refuting SNGPL’s false claims of gas theft at a Karak (KP) site, the telecom company has served a legal notice to SNGPL.

Jazz has reiterated its stance that there’s no provision for natural gas use at any of its network sites across the country, a fact that is also corroborated by the picture of the diesel generator that SNGPL itself shared in its X (formerly Twitter) post on the matter.

Accusing Jazz of gas theft at one of its sites is frivolous and lacks merit. SNGPL’s allegation against Jazz, which is a significant contributor to the national economy, holds no basis. Moreover, baseless accusations like this can undermine investor confidence and potentially have a negative impact on the country’s economy.

Jazz ensures that its electricity and fuel arrangements are completely legitimate. As part of its backup power plan, Jazz has established agreements with third-party vendors to exclusively supply diesel fuel for generators at multiple locations.

Jazz enjoys an impeccable reputation and highly values the trust placed in it by its stakeholders. The irresponsible approach exhibited by SNGPL in making unfounded allegations has the potential to not only damage foreign investor confidence but also harm national interests.

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