Friday, June 14, 2024

Jeeny Launches Their New Fuel Card Benefit in Pakistan

In response to the ongoing challenges posed by the escalating petrol prices in Pakistan, Jeeny, a pioneering ride-hailing application operating in Jordan and Saudi Arabia with offices in Pakistan for the Tech, Product, Business Intelligence, and other departments, has introduced an innovative Fuel Card Benefit, effective 14th May, 2024. This strategic initiative underscores Jeeny’s steadfast dedication to fostering a supportive and employee-centric work environment, prioritizing the well-being and financial security of its workforce.

The newly introduced Fuel Card Benefit equips employees with an efficient solution to manage their commuting expenses without bearing excessive financial burdens, thereby fostering peace of mind and elevating overall job satisfaction.

Hammad Ehtesham, CEO of Jeeny, reaffirmed his dedication to the team’s welfare, stating, “At Jeeny, our employees are the most important. The introduction of the Fuel Card Benefit reflects our unwavering commitment to supporting our workforce during these challenging times.”

Furthermore, the Fuel Card Benefit complements Jeeny’s holistic employee perks package, featuring competitive salaries, comprehensive health benefits, gratuities, dollar-adjusted bonus policies, and internet and fuel allowances. These initiatives collectively underscore Jeeny’s pledge to nurture a supportive and employee-centric culture, empowering every team member to thrive personally and professionally.

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