Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Jhelum Education Dept Orders Teachers to Watch Hollywood & Bollywood Movies During Summer Vacations

On Saturday, education authorities in the Jhelum district of Punjab issued a directive to teachers to watch certain educational movies during their summer vacation. The initiative aimed to provide teachers with an opportunity to learn and reflect on various educational themes presented in these films.

The CEO of Jhelum Education, Rana Javed Akhtar, stated that the directive was issued by Deputy District Officer for Education Abdul Karim. The notification specifically asked teachers to watch movies such as Taare Zameen Par and Hichki. These films were chosen for their educational content and the valuable lessons they impart about teaching and understanding students’ needs.

Taare Zameen Par is a Bollywood film that focuses on the struggles of a young boy with dyslexia and highlights the importance of recognizing and nurturing the unique abilities of every child. Hichki tells the story of a teacher with Tourette syndrome who turns her weakness into her biggest strength, inspiring her students to overcome their own challenges.

However, shortly after the notification was issued, the Jhelum Deputy Commissioner intervened and ordered its withdrawal. The reasons for this reversal were not detailed, but the directive was officially rescinded, and teachers were no longer required to follow the initial instructions.

This series of events highlights an attempt by local education authorities to use the summer break for professional development through film. Despite the retraction, the initial effort underscores a recognition of the power of media in educating and inspiring teachers, encouraging them to approach their roles with renewed understanding and empathy.

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