Sunday, June 4, 2023

JHONUM Pvt Ltd. Pakistan’s First & Fastest Growing HYBRID Bespoke Clothing Brand Based on Franchise Model with Nationwide Outlets.

JHONUM Pvt Ltd. is currently Pakistan’s First & Fastest growing HYBRID Bespoke clothing brand based on Franchise model with nationwide Outlets

JHONUM means “Dearest” in Persian language and is well known internationally for bespoke traditional attire such as KAMEEZ SHALWAR, KURTA PAJAMA, WAISTCOATS, PRINCECOATS, SHIRWANIES, BALOCHI CHAWAT, PESHAWARI CHAPPAL & TRADITIONAL TURBANS. Your one stop for all traditional attire.

JHONUM started when 3 struggling friends (Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai, Qamar Bizenjo & Muslim Aziz) met to start an Online Clothing Brand. They started with a small rented flat, 2 stitching machines, 2 stitcher and a cutter. They would visit customers at their homes to take their measurements without feeling shy. They worked 16 hours a day for the first 2 years and today within a span of just 3 years, they have opened over 6 franchises in Sindh and Balochistan with 4 franchises in karachi alone. Franchises of Punjab & Islamabad are all pre-sold and waiting for their turn to be constructed.

Today this trio has expanded the factory space to over 15 rented flats with over 4 dozen labours and 6 Franchise Outlets and more under construction.

They have revolutionised the custome bespoke tailoring industry by making excellent use of technology in its ecosystem. From the world’s first Microchipped suits (SMART SUIT) which took social media & nation wide news outlets by surprise, a size calculator based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’, to a Real Time Tracking System (first of its kind), JHONUM is now surely 20 years ahead of tailoring industry in every aspect.

It’s now currently the only brand in Pakistan or South Asia offering ZERO STITCH & MICROCHIPPED SMART SUITS & the first franchisable bespoke brand of South Asia with international standard FLAGSHIP STORES, INVENTORY MANAGEMENT & HI-TECH SOFTWARE SUPPORT. 

JHONUM is one of few successful startups of Balochistan as both three of its co-founders belong to Balochistan. It has four Business partners with Allah being its Founder & 4rth Partner and 10% share holder. It distributes 10% of net profit in charity and welfare work on regular basis, ensuring the 4th Partner smoothens their path to success. 

JHONUM and its co-founders are featured on ARY NEWS, BOL NETWORK, GTV, GEO/THE NEWS/JUNG NEWS, HINDUSTAN TIMES, FM 89.4, IBA/KSBL UNIVERSITIES, URDU POINT, Pakistan Kay Sath, Hassam Ahmad Awan/Ahmed/Rizwan popular Vloggers  and other popular news Outlets as soon as we went viral by introducing version 1.0 of our MICROCHIPPED SMART SUITS worldwide. While BBC is waiting to cover story of Version 2.0 of their NFC MICROCHIPPED SMART SUITS.

JHONUM is now one of the best examples of a successful Pakistani Startup which started because everyone kept telling them #YouCantDoIt ! ❤️

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