Monday, March 4, 2024

Job Alert! China Looking for Monkey King, Offers Warm Cave, Over Rs. 2 Lacs Per Month & Free Bananas

In a fun job opening, the Wuzhishan Scenic Area in China’s Hebei province is searching for someone to play the role of the legendary Monkey King from Chinese folklore, as reported by CNN.

The job comes with a monthly salary of $842 and involves hanging out in a cave at the base of a mountain, interacting with tourists, and enjoying plenty of bananas.

The Monkey King, Sun Wukong, is a beloved character in Chinese culture, similar to the popularity of Grimm’s Fairy Tales in the West. Known for his magical powers, martial arts skills, and mischievous adventures, the Monkey King has been a favorite across generations through stories, movies, and TV adaptations.

The chosen candidate, wearing a monkey mask and costume, will live in the cave at Wuzhishan, also known as “five fingers mountain,” reenacting the Monkey King’s initial entrapment by angry gods. Unlike the real Monkey King’s epic journeys, this modern portrayal involves a bit less movement.

The job description, shared on social media, mentions the delightful duty of receiving snacks from visiting children, ranging from apples to instant noodles and, of course, lots of bananas. No specific academic qualifications are required; instead, a passion for Sun Wukong, acting talent, and a friendly demeanor for engaging with tourists are essential.

Already attracting interest, the position has two actors hired, with just one spot left. The manager reassures potential applicants that eating too many bananas is not obligatory, as the current actors often share their snacks with colleagues. To address concerns about the cave’s chilly conditions, an electric heater has been thoughtfully installed.

One actor, driven by childhood love for the character, aims to bring joy, promote Chinese culture, and draw attention to the mental health of children and teenagers.

This whimsical job opportunity combines cultural immersion, interactive engagement, and a buffet of free bananas, making it a unique and appealing role for those eager to step into the shoes – or rather, the mask – of the legendary Monkey King.

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