Monday, March 4, 2024

Job opportunities for Pakistanis to increase as Italy and Pakistan finalize a labour import accord

Pakistan Ambassador to Italy Jauhar Saleem marked the beginning of discussions on a ‘Importing Agreement between Italy and Pakistan for the Import of Work Force and Work Force’ to provide local, skilled young people greater options for work in the competitive Italian employment market.

“The Agreement requires one hour for the exchange between both countries of legal workforce and legal migration,” he added.

Appeared during the Third Phase of a Digital ‘Zoom Link’ Press Conference, organized by Pakistan’s ambassador to Rome, he explained that present strong economic and trade links between both countries will contribute to fostering agreements which bring the two countries closer together.

The ambassador stated that the Pakistani embassy in Rome is now working towards providing Pakistani migrants with legal help, and one such link to create chances for local skills on the Italian market is the workforce export agreement between Italy and Pakistan.

Jauhar Saleem stated that in principle Italy and Pakistan agreed to develop a labour agreement providing Pakistan with full market access to the Italian labour market.

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