Monday, March 4, 2024

Johny Lever Paid Tribute to Comedy King Umer Sharif

A statement by Bollywood actor and comedian Johnny Lever to the media stated: “Umer Sharif elevated dramas to a whole different level.” Umer was regarded as a No. 1 artist. His work [in comparison to that of other artists] was completely distinct. “Only rarely in a thousand years do somebody like him come into being.”
“Umer had traveled to India in 1990 to develop a screenplay for a film. “We used to sit around and gossip for hours,” Lever recalled.
A long-term illness took its toll on the legendary comic Umer Sharif, who died on Saturday in Berlin, Germany.

Several celebrities both from India and Pakistan have expressed their deep sadness and grief over the death of the internationally acclaimed musician.

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