Sunday, July 14, 2024

Journalist Mubasher Lucman Alleges Babar, Shaheen & others with Match-Fixing Charges

The Pakistani cricket team is facing heavy criticism following their disappointing exit from the T20 World Cup. In a recent video blog, TV host and journalist Mubasher Lucman made serious accusations against the players, suggesting they were involved in match-fixing.

Lucman questioned how Babar Azam was able to afford an 80 million rupee Audi car, hinting at possible connections to match-fixing. He also mentioned several other cricket personalities including Wahab Riaz, Shahid Afridi, Shaheen Afridi, Inzamam Ul Haq, Saqlain Mushtaq, and Mushtaq Ahmed, alleging their involvement in fixing matches.

According to Lucman, he claimed that Babar XI intentionally lost matches against the USA and India to earn money, which he linked to their investments in properties overseas. Lucman further alleged that eight players confessed to deliberately underperforming and accused them of using this as leverage to negotiate better contracts with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

These accusations have stirred controversy within the cricket community and raised concerns about the integrity of the sport. Lucman’s claims have sparked debates about transparency and ethical standards in cricket, especially regarding the conduct of players representing their country on the international stage.

The PCB has not yet responded officially to these allegations. However, the situation has put a spotlight on the need for thorough investigations and accountability measures to maintain the credibility of cricket as a sport loved by millions around the world.

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