Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Kapil Sharma Charges Rs. 5 Crore Per Show Claims Iftikhar Thakur

In a recent podcast with Nadir Ali, Pakistani comedian Iftikhar Thakur shared insights about the potential fees charged by Indian comedian Kapil Sharma. Thakur suggested that Sharma could be commanding Rs. 5 crore per show, considering the immense popularity of his show. Thakur implied that Sharma’s worth matches the demand he generates.

Thakur, known for his own comedic prowess, expressed both admiration and surprise at the potential fees demanded by Kapil Sharma. Moreover, he highlighted the need for increased recognition and remuneration for Pakistani comedians.

Thakur highlighted the importance of fair compensation for Pakistani comedians, drawing a parallel with their Indian counterparts. He emphasized the need for recognition and increased remuneration for Pakistani actors and comedians, stating that they deserve the same respect. Moreover, Thakur expressed optimism about Pakistan’s entertainment industry, highlighting its potential to compete globally with the right technology and resources.

Moreover, he said By capitalizing on the existing talent pool and creating an environment conducive to creativity and growth, Pakistan can position itself as a prominent player in the global entertainment industry.

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