Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Karachi Eat Food Festival mishap: Before setting blames, we should Self-Reflect

The cuisine festival’s tenth iteration visited Karachi. Every year, the largest cuisine festival allowed Karachi to exhibit to the world its real colours. The event took place in Karachi Beach View Park on January 6, 7, and 8, 2022. Pakistan’s central region is renowned for its amazing cuisine and distinctive flavour.

The flavour, variety, and presentation of Karachi food are unmatched. It is a synthesis of various customs and tastes.

The Eat Food Festival perfectly captured the city’s foodie culture. Customers’ taste buds began to moisten as they inhaled the smoke from the Eat Food Festival.
Sadly, this time things happened as expected. In the past, this event was lived to the fullest.

The Eat Food Festival was ruined by a few individual stags’ reckless behaviours despite having impenetrable security. The families had to leave the park as things got out of hand. The management guided the spectators and performers to safety after postponing the performance.

It was undoubtedly a bad thing that happened, but management isn’t the only one to blame. We cannot avoid our obligation to act in a respectable and civic way. Respecting the law is a duty, not an indulgence.

Before condemning the government and the event organisers, we should examine our own behaviour. Additionally, Eat Management agreed to undertake a thorough investigation in its application for the event.

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