Saturday, April 20, 2024

Karachi Fishermen Catch Sawa Fish Worth Over Rs. 1 Billion

Karachi fishermen had an unexpected and fortunate catch when they unintentionally caught 700 rare Sawa fish near Keti Bandar. These fish are estimated to be worth approximately Rs2 billion.

During their regular fishing activities near Keti Bandar, fishermen were surprised to find a large number of highly prized and rare “Sawa” fish in their nets. This unexpected catch represents a significant monetary value, running into millions of rupees.

Kamal Shah, who serves as the spokesperson for the Coastal Media Center, reported that the fishermen had a substantial haul of “Sawa” fish. In total, 700 specimens were caught across three different boats during this fishing expedition.

Majid Khan, the technical advisor of WWF, provided some insights into the behavior of the Sawa fish. He explained that these fish gather in specific areas for spawning purposes between the months of March and April. Khan also highlighted a serious concern regarding the potential extinction of Sawa fish due to extensive and unregulated hunting practices.

This accidental and large-scale catch of Sawa fish underscores the need for sustainable fishing practices and conservation efforts to protect and preserve these rare and valuable species for future generations.

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