Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Karachi Gets 52 Highly Advanced Fire Trucks

A Chinese firm has provided Karachi with 52 well-equipped fire-trucks to boost the fire-fighting capability of the City. This batch of fire trucks, which can only stop and spray water, is different from conventional fire-fighting vehicles. There were only 14 working fire-trucks in Karachi until now as 30 trucks were not operational due to technical problems.

A demonstration of the fire-trucks’ vehicular functions was performed by officials during a regular send-off ceremony. In order to evaluate their performance, the new and re-adjusted high-pressure water guns were tested in the demonstration.

It is expected that the new fire-trucks will improve firefighting at different levels of emergency and provide good public safety service in the area. Karachi has had more than 52 cases of fires in shopping malls and supermarkets in the past four years, according to records. Government officials and partners are optimistic that the damage caused by these fires will be curbed in the future.

The project was supervised by Imran Khan, the Prime Minister and will lead to a sound relationship between China and Pakistan.

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