Monday, April 15, 2024

Karachi Mall Announces Medical Support for Paralyzed Salesman Hit by a Massive Billboard

A shopping mall’s administration has offered assistance to a salesman who was paralyzed after a massive billboard fell on him during a recent dust storm in Karachi.

“We are in touch with the family and are doing all we can to assist them in getting through this tough time. We are optimistic that by the grace of Almighty, he will be fine soon,” the statement said.

The victim, Syed Ashar Shah, was out for a walk after lunch when a large billboard from a shopping mall dropped on him during a dust storm. He’d been dragged from under the billboard by passers-by. Ashar Shah, who was unable to walk at the time, claimed that he was suffering from intense back pain and was rushed to a private hospital in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

He had an L-1 backbone fracture, according to the hospital’s initial study. Meanwhile, at Federal B Industrial police station, a case has been filed against the private shopping mall in this matter.

His parents, on the other hand, said that they had not yet filed a complaint with the police station. They said they couldn’t afford the care and requested that the government and other relevant authorities provide them with justice and free treatment for their son.

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