Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Karachi Police Declared 2-Year-Old Child Fugitive in Benazir Income Support Program Fraud Case

A disturbing occurrence occurred on Monday when Karachi police designated a two-year-old toddler a fugitive in a fraud case, according to sources.

A two-year-old was proclaimed a fugitive at the port city’s Jackon police station, providing yet another illustration of the Karachi police’s incompetence.

In the first information report of the case, the police detained a guy called Shehryar on suspicion of fraudulently withdrawing funds from Benazir Income Support and listed a two-year-old child as a runaway.

The youngster continued to scream as he or she was brought before the court of the judicial magistrate South for bail. According to the father of the child, police officers are entering his home to take his two-year-old son into custody on suspicion of fraud.

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