Friday, May 24, 2024

Karachi Police to use Tracking Technology to Reduce Street Crimes.

In the face of mounting pressure on the Sindh government and substantial criticism of Karachi police performance, the provincial government has decided to redouble its efforts to combat street crime in Karachi.

A new strategy will ensure the surveillance of over 10,000 suspects with a criminal history, the establishment of a crime matrix to check the daily performance of police personnel, and the hiring of competent lawyers to prosecute over 1,800 cases of heinous crimes ranging from robbery to murder and rape.

City police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon, who shared the strategy’s parameters, stated that there were a huge number of “re-offenders or habitual criminals” against whom e-tagging through court was recommended in upcoming legislation.

He stated that this procedure was taking place in the United States and Europe, and that over 200,000 criminals in the United States were being tracked by police enforcement through e-tagging.

The city police chief outlines the parameters of a new approach to combat street crime.

Not only would the locations of crimes be traced using this technology, but criminals’ bail would be revoked and severe fines enforced in the event of an offence.

He stated that the e-tagging approach will also aid in the reduction of jail congestion.

According to him, an accused could be released from jail through the judicial system if certain procedures are followed.

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