Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Karachi Records Coldest Night of 2024 with Temperature Dropping to 12°C

Karachi experienced its coldest night of the winter this year, recording a temperature drop to 12 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, as reported by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD). The forecast indicates that the city is expected to continue facing cold and dry weather in the next 24 hours, with temperatures potentially reaching as low as 10 to 12°C in the coming days. However, the maximum temperature is anticipated to rise between 25 to 27°C.

The humidity level was reported at 60%, and winds blowing from the northeast at a speed of 3 kilometres per hour contributed to the chilly conditions. Chief meteorologist Sardar Sarfaraz mentioned that this winter season’s minimum temperature had previously been recorded at 11.5°C in December. Comparatively, last year, on January 14, Karachi experienced a temperature drop to 6°C.

Chief meteorologist Sarfaraz indicated that Karachi might witness even colder weather in the next three to four days, with a minimum temperature potentially reaching 10°C. He further predicted that the cold spell could persist for the next two to three weeks.

While commenting on the overall winter conditions, Sarfaraz noted that the weather this winter had not been as cold. Despite the current cold snap, he suggested that the city had experienced milder winter temperatures compared to previous years.

In a recent report from the EU’s climate service highlighted that the year 2023 officially became the hottest on record, surpassing previous temperatures by approximately 1.48°C. Factors such as human-induced climate change and the influence of the El Niño weather phenomenon were cited as contributors to this unprecedented warmth. The report outlined that, starting from July onwards, nearly every day saw a new global air temperature record, resulting in an exceptional and prolonged period of warmth across the globe.

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