Sunday, July 14, 2024

Karachi Students Unveiled Pakistan’s First Four-Wheel Urban Electric Vehicle

Team Envision from PNEC-NUST revealed Pakistan’s first four-wheel Urban Electric Vehicle (UEV) on Friday. The unveiling event took place in Karachi and drew a large crowd, including students, parents, and other guests.

Commodore Tauqeer Ahmed spoke at the event, praising Team Envision for their hard work and dedication. He highlighted that the team has participated in 17 international competitions, proudly raising Pakistan’s flag in 14 different countries.

This international exposure not only showcases Pakistan’s talent but also boosts the country’s image on a global stage.

Rear Admiral Mazhar Mehmood Malik also addressed the audience, applauding the team for their 15 years of commitment to developing the UEV. He emphasized that this long-term dedication is an investment in their future and the future of Pakistan’s automotive industry.

Admiral Malik encouraged the team to continue their efforts and to uphold the country’s honor as they prepare to represent Pakistan in an upcoming event in Turkey.

The event celebrated not just the technological achievement of creating Pakistan’s first UEV but also the spirit of innovation and perseverance among young Pakistani engineers.

The support and admiration from officials and the community underscore the importance of such advancements in propelling the nation forward in sustainable technology and engineering excellence.

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