Saturday, July 20, 2024

Karachi to be Recognized as Twin City of New York

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has announced that Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, will soon be officially recognized as the twin city of New York. This historic decision will be finalized through a resolution to be passed by the Sindh Assembly.

The announcement came during a meeting with New York State Assembly Deputy Speaker Phil Ramos, who was accompanied by a delegation of parliamentarians and members of the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC). During this meeting, both parties discussed the twin city initiative and other important matters.

The resolution to establish Karachi as New York’s twin city is set to be passed in the upcoming session of the Sindh Assembly. After this, it is expected that the New York Assembly will take reciprocal action to formalize the partnership.

The meeting also focused on strengthening ties between Karachi and New York in various areas, particularly in education and professional development. There was a strong emphasis on enhancing educational collaboration between the two cities, which could lead to exchange programs, joint research projects, and other initiatives to benefit students and professionals.

Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah highlighted the potential benefits of this partnership, noting that it could open up new opportunities for both cities. By sharing resources and expertise, Karachi and New York can learn from each other and work together on common challenges.

The decision to make Karachi and New York twin cities reflects a growing recognition of the importance of international cooperation. It aims to foster closer ties between the people of Pakistan and the United States, promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

As Karachi prepares to become the twin city of New York, both cities are expected to benefit from the enhanced collaboration and shared experiences. This initiative marks a significant step in building a stronger relationship between Pakistan and the United States.

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