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Karachi Traffic Police releases route plan for Youm-e-Ali Procession on 21st Ramadan

The Karachi Traffic Police has released a detailed route plan for the main Youm-e-Ali (AS) procession, which is scheduled to take place on the 21st of Ramadan.

This procession, which commemorates the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (AS), will begin its journey from Nishtar Park and will culminate at the Hussaniyan Iranian Imambargah located in Kharadar.

A spokesperson for the Karachi Traffic Police mentioned that a central gathering or majlis will be conducted at Nishtar Park as a tribute to Hazrat Ali’s memory and teachings.

The planned route for the procession is as follows: starting from Nishtar Park, it will proceed towards Empress Market in Saddar.

Along the way, the procession will pass through key areas such as Numaish, MA Jinnah Road, and Sea Breeze. After crossing Regal and Saddar, the procession will rejoin MA Jinnah Road at the Tibet Centre.

To ensure the safety and smooth flow of the procession, certain roads along the route will be temporarily closed to regular traffic. The Karachi Traffic Police will deploy personnel to guide drivers and suggest alternative routes to minimize disruptions.

Here are some of the traffic diversions and alternative routes provided by the Karachi Traffic Police:

  • When the procession begins from Nishtar Park, incoming traffic to the city will be redirected from Soldier Bazaar, Coast Guards, and Anklesaria Chowk to Nishtar Road.
  • For motorists traveling from Nazimabad to MA Jinnah Road, the suggested diversion is from Lasbela Chowk to Nishtar Road, then to Garden for onward travel.
  • Traffic from Liaquatabad heading towards MA Jinnah Road will be rerouted from Teen Hati Chowk to Jail Road and further to Martin Road. Motorists can use the Jail Chowrangi Flyover and then proceed via Jamshed Road, Dadabhai Noorji Road, Kashmir Road, and Sharea Quaideen to reach Sharea Faisal.
  • Those traveling from Stadium Road to MA Jinnah Road will be directed through New MA Jinnah Road, Dadabhai Noorji Road, Kashmir Road, and Society Light Signal to Sharea Quaideen, followed by Sharea Faisal.
  • For drivers coming from Gulberg aiming to reach MA Jinnah Road, the alternative route is from Liaquatabad No. 10 to Nazimabad Chowrangi No. 2, and then via the Habib Bank Flyover, State Avenue Road, and Shershah to Mauripur.
  • Traffic from Gurumandir Chowk will not be permitted to approach the procession route and will be diverted to Bahadur Yar Jung Road. Drivers heading from Sharea Quaideen to Naumaish Chowrangi are advised to bypass Society Office Chowrangi.

This comprehensive route plan and the corresponding traffic diversions have been devised to ensure the safety and smooth movement of the Youm-e-Ali procession, reflecting the Karachi Traffic Police’s commitment to managing large-scale events effectively and efficiently.

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