Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Karachiites Likely to Face Another Massive Hike in Electricity Bills

An appeal for a price hike in electricity rates in Karachi has been formally submitted, with a request for an increment of 10 rupees and 32 paise per unit. The application, directed to Nepra, encompasses three separate quarterly adjustments for the fiscal year 2022-23.

In the submission presented by the government to Nepra, the initial quarterly adjustment for the period of October-December 2022 has sought a raise of 47 paise, while the subsequent quarterly adjustment for July-September 2022 is targeted at an increase of Rs 4.45 per unit.

The application forwarded to Nepra explicitly outlines that these adjustments should take effect in September and October of 2023. Additionally, it stipulates that the April-June quarterly adjustment should also be applicable to K Electric.

It’s noteworthy that the quarterly adjustment for April-June entails a more substantial rise, amounting to Rs. 5 and 40 paise per unit. A hearing concerning the government’s application, on behalf of Nepra, is slated for September 11, where these proposed modifications in electricity tariffs will be scrutinized.

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