Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Karachi’s “china port” reopens for public

As per the sources, this unique picnic place at the South Asia Pakistan Terminal was initially found by a group of Karachiites in 2018. However, as soon as the photographs were posted on social media and a few publications, the hungry-for-outings public flocked to the location, which was quickly closed. Well, it was recently reopened.

The breakwater, Oyster Rocks, large port cranes, and all cargo ships coming and leaving port are all visible from this rather naked section of the shore.

The sea breeze also has a refreshing quality to it. On his bike, a father had brought his two children here to take in the scenery. They were joyfully sipping their juice box and biting into a bag of potato crisps while pointing to the ships and fisherman at work in front of them. Some kids are also taking a dip in the waters.

“We’ve been coming here regardless of the barricades and closures for our catch,” one of the many fishermen sorting their catch for the day says. “However, it was closed to the general public because there was a lot going on at SAPT at the times. The Chinese staff appears to have left now, and this establishment has reopened,” he continued.

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