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KE’s Roshni Baji Program Stands Out at Dubai Expo 2020

Filled with pride and excitement, Abeera Almas and Zara Afshan – the two Roshni Bajis took the main stage at Pakistan Pavilion of Dubai Expo 2020 on 18 February, 2022 and highlighted the positive image of Pakistan which is becoming increasingly inclusive and supportive towards women choosing to work especially who are paving their ways in non-traditional roles and breaking the stereotypical barriers.

The Roshni Baji program was conceived by K-Electric, Karachi’s sole electricity provider. The program is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) – gender equality and women empowerment – to provide a platform for women to showcase their talents while driving a grassroots transformation of their communities. The program which is co-powered by GuarantCo in collaboration with Children for Concern (CFC), aims to empower women by providing them economic independence and the necessary skillsets to become ambassadors in their residential areas. They spread awareness about safety, power theft hazards, and energy conservation at large.

Trained as Pakistan’s first certified women electricians, these women were also taught how to ride and maintain a bike through this program, creating a new talent pool for the industry at large. In addition to providing gainful employment, KE has invested in equipping these women with skills and confidence to break barriers in an industry which is generally known to be male-dominated.

On this jubilant occasion to represent Pakistan at such a prestigious international platform, Zara Afshan – one of the Roshni Bajis commented, “It gives us tremendous joy that through this ‘Roshni Baji’ program, we have become the source of national pride. The journey towards becoming safety ambassadors was not easy, but we showed everyone that with determination and passion, it is possible. I feel proud to be a Roshni Baji; not only have I been able to create a change in my community, but I am empowered enough to financially support my family.”

Sharing her delight, Abeera Almas another Roshni Baji at the event said, “We are proud to be representing Pakistan on such a prestigious platform and share our stories with the audience. Programs like Roshni Baji prove that if women are given the right support and opportunities, they can excel and create a space for themselves even in technical fields. We hope that other organizations also create similar programs and empower more women to enter the workforce. We look forward to playing our part in driving Pakistan’s prosperity and reshaping its perception on the global stage.”

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