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Kelvin Zeng – CEO, TECNO Mobile Pakistan Interview

TECNO is a globally eminent smartphone brand with a sales record worth billions. Starting in 2016, TECNO has come a long way in a short while. TECNO recently introduced its new brand slogan of #StopAtNothing. It is to pay tribute to those who continue to push forward against all odds, the people who admirably stayed resilient in the face of adversity.

In this regard, we talk to Kelvin Zeng – CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan. Zeng has a rich understanding and insight into the consumer needs of emerging markets. With more than nine years of experience in the mobile industry of Africa and Latin America, Zeng has guided TECNO to become the No.1 brand in many countries.

Figure 1: Kelvin Zeng – CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan

  1. How do you portray your brand’s Value and Spirit “Stop at nothing”?

With our global philosophy and our slogan #StopAtNothing, we truly mean to not stop anywhere soon. This new slogan represents TECNO’s recognition of human progress and people’s pursuit of purpose, potential, and excellence. With this, our goal is to become the most admired tech brand in Pakistan as well as globally and continue making breakthroughs in product and experience innovations for our valuable customers.

The pursuit of excellence is in our DNA, it’s never stopping and always

pushing the limits. Our motivation for excellence does not stem from one

person or one event, it’s from our users.

It is this very spirit and attitude of consumers all over the world that drives us every day. It motivates us to spare no effort in bringing more innovative smart device with the trendiest technologies that’s elegantly and stylishly designed to global emerging market consumers.

  1. How would you define TECNO’s philosophy for its smartphones? The shift from mid to high-end phones?

Based on our brand slogan ‘Stop at Nothing’, TECNO aspires to bring premium quality, chic designs, and outstanding user experience for its customers. This is what we are striving for, going far beyond to provide a good communication device to our consumers. We are on the way to pursuing the ultimate in perfection which fully adapts to our consumer’s needs.

Keeping this value and spirit in mind, TECNO has brought forward its PHANTOM series. The PHANTOM X features an elegant design of a 3D Borderless Screen, embedded with a unique arc design at the right angle of 36.5° to accommodate a comfortable grip to the hand. The combination of the 50MP Ultra-Night camera, 48MP Ultra-Clear Selfie camera, 256G+8G large memory, multi-functions for business such as AI assistant live to transcribe PHANTOM X to empower and support every experience of your life and work.

Established on our research, we’ve noticed that Pakistan consumers really enjoy video shooting so we are especially concerned about video stability, that’s why we have launched our most advanced stabilized gimbal camera technology in Camon 18, with huge investment in manpower and resources during the research and development period of this module that finally brings the anti-shaking or technically speaking, the Gimbal technology alive.

  1. CAMON 18 series is all set to launch, what should customers expect from the new device?

As you know, the CAMON series is all about the camera. This series was designed to bring high performance and professional photography with an elegant design. TECNO is soon launching the CAMON 18 which will be a breakthrough for the professional mobile photography experience.

TECNO introduced TAIVOS Lab (short for TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution Lab), focusing on innovative and cutting-edge technological breakthroughs for mobile imaging technology, along with 2 in-house R&D centers, and over 1,600 R&D staff members globally. This technology has been the core feature for all CAMON phones.

CAMON 18 will bring the best of the CAMON series so far, such as TAIVOS Technology, Super Night Mode, and Selfie Mode with an all-new Ultra-Steady Gimbal Camera, a 60X Hybrid Zoom, and even more, enhanced AI features for achieving professional videography.

The top advantages that differentiate TECNO from the competitors are catering to the demands of the local consumer by customizing professional cameras and bringing stylish designs for a better user experience.

Figure 2: THE ALL NEW CAMON 18 Premier

4. What is TECNO strategy for the future? How do you plan to grow up together with Pakistani users?

As we aim to one of the best and most admired tech brand in Pakistan, we are committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals in the country. The leading emerging markets leap into a dynamic and vibrant new world of mobile connectivity to bring a better experience for the users.

Based on our deep understanding on Pakistan consumers, we will put great focus on camera and design leadership as one of our crucial product development strategies. On camera leadership, we will launch top industry-leading camera tech such as TAIVOS technology, telescopic lens, and Sensor-Shift, bringing the coolest and cutting-edge mobile camera experience. On design leadership, we will incorporate new premium designs with international design language but local Pakistan aesthetics to provide our customers stylishly designed mobile products.

We hope that the customers and fans who have been supporting TECNO in Pakistan will grow with us to reach new heights in the future. We will spare no efforts to inspire more consumers with unlocking the best of contemporary smartphone technologies with elegance and innovation.

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