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Khiladee Technologies Brings its First-Ever Branded Product Launch Ceremony.

The country’s largest sports ecosystem developer Khiladee Technologies has now stepped up the game by introducing its own sports product and merchandise line.

Khiladee Technologies – the country’s largest sports ecosystem developers, is back with another initiative of bringing the sports retailers together on its first product launch ceremony. The event aimed at introducing Khiladee’s branded sports products and merchandise, including Softball bats, bags, and sports merchandise. The event took place in Lahore and was attended by cricket legends, including Mr. Inzamam Ul Haq, Mr. Muhammad Yousaf, Mr. Kamran Akmal, & Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed. Sports retailers were also invited from all over Pakistan.

Khiladee branded product line aims at introducing top quality original material products to its customers through its specialized product creation abilities. The company aims to expand its original products to multiple sports categories and continue the progression towards positioning itself as the national sports brand. The event started with a press conference discussing the current challenges of the sports sector while engaging field experts and cricket legends, exchanging valuable information on the importance of sports engagement and the Availability of good sports equipment for sports lovers throughout the country. The retailers got a chance to experience the products at the displays and share their valuable feedback on them.

Syed Kamal Nasir, Founder and CEO of Khiladee Technologies, said, “Khiladee Technologies is excited to launch its branded sports products and merchandise in the market. From the very inception of product research till the final results, we have put months and tons of effort into finding the most desirable products for our consumers. Through our production capabilities, we are finally bringing them to the table. Khiladee aims to serve the Pakistani market with the best market product and provide them with the buying experience they have never had before”. He added, “We don’t plan on just stopping here. Soon enough, we’ll offer Pakistani consumers international standard sports equipment & merchandise at the most affordable prices. We’ll also work on exporting material and creating more exciting products to excite our customers and serve them the way they deserve.”

Former Pakistan Cricket Skipper &CCO Khiladee technologies, Inzamam-ul-Haq, said: “Back in the years, we faced the same challenge with the Availability of good quality sports equipment for the players. This is a great initiative taken by Khiladee Technologies. I believe this step towards sports equipment will bring a lot of progress to the sports community by helping nurture the local talent and providing them with the sports equipment they rightfully deserve. We shall keep returning to our community with similar offerings catering to their needs and expanding into multiple sports”.

Pakistan cricket coach and former cricketer, Mushtaq Ahmed said: “I am glad to see Khiladee doing something meaningful for our sports sector. More initiatives like this should be taken in the future, and Khiladee has set a good benchmark. With Khiladee’s aim, I can see some exciting product offerings for sports lovers in the future.”

Pakistan former cricket captain & coach, Muhammad Yousuf said: “Product offerings like these are a dire need of our community & crucial in fostering sports culture within Pakistan, and I hope that Khiladee keeps coming with more exciting product offerings in the future”

About Khiladee Technologies:

Khiladee Technologies is Pakistan’s first sports tech start-up with the ambition to lift Pakistan into the list of countries that are dominating the world of sports. Khiladee Technologies believes that sports can transform Pakistan’s image. It has the power to inspire, and we are on a mission to bring people together like never before.

Khiladee Technologies is revitalizing Pakistan’s sports culture by focusing not only on selling sports goods and wearables but also on building an ecosystem to enhance fan engagement and sports participation. For more information, visit: www.khiladeetech.com

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