Monday, April 15, 2024

Khusro asks Japanese car manufacturers to work with Pakistan

On Monday Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar, federal Minister for Industries and Production, welcomed Japanese car businesses to Pakistan to explore prospective exports of automotive parts.

In a news release published here, Kuinori Matsuda said during his meeting with the Japanese Ambassador in Pakistan in order to discuss cooperation between the two parties in many prospective areas, including the car sector.

Both presented the important areas of industrial collaboration and modernization of the local engineering industry during the meeting.

Under the new automotive strategy focused on location and export orientation, the Minister outlined the potential opportunities for the Japanese automotive industry. He added that these progressive moves would revolutionize the country’s automotive industry through its connection to the global distribution and supply chain.

The Minister underlined the development of the Karachi Industrial Park on 1500 acres of PSM land during his interaction, adding that the project would offer foreign investors and Japanese companies the opportunity to gain a foothold both in Pakistani and international markets through the capitalization of cheap labor and port facilities.

The Minister also taught the Ambassador on the manufacturing policies for mobile devices. He stated that the new policy has begun to work and that the current economic situation in Pakistan offers Japanese companies tremendous opportunities to invest in mobile manufacture.

The Ambassador sheds light on mutual cooperation between JICA and the Department of Industry, Manufacture and Industry in order to improve export bases, and he suggested a bi-participating forum for issuance of international export standardisation certificates such as car components, tyres, chemicals and IT and communication.

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