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Kia Picanto Price in Pakistan 2023 – Specs, Features and Variants


Kia Picanto is a car produced by South Korean manufacture Kia. One of the quick-selling cars has made its way into the Pakistani market. Kia Picanto is included in one of the affordable cars of Kia in Pakistan.


Getting to the Kia Picanto specification, this car is a 1000 CC car with a refined engine that makes less noise. It shares a platform with Hyundai 10. NEDC rates picante upto 12-23 km/l. the interior of Picanto is a pretty basic structure, with the main color being black and grey with a dash of silver.


  • The dashboard of Kia Picanto is quite massive compared to other 1000 CC cars and covers up a lot of space. The car can fit a screen from the outside but doesn’t come with a screen. It comes with a radio system fitted in.
  • Below the sound/radio system lies the car’s climate control, which also comes in manual form. Below that comes a storage pocket with a USB plug and a few other accessible buttons for usage and ease of the driver and the passenger, and it may include a cigarette light, aux board etc. 
  • Right by the gear and hand break, there is another storage pocket as well. The car seats come in a black finish with a white string lining on them which gives it a simple and minimalistic look.
  • The doors of Kia Picanto come in a black plastic finish. The driver door of this car has its control panel from where the car’s windows can be accessed and controlled, and apart from that, the side mirror adjustments can also be done from the same control panel of the driver’s door.


  • Kia Picanto comes with a windshield washer as well, and the control gear lies right behind the steering along with headlight controls which come in the usual functioning way.
  • The seats of Kia Picanto come with a manually adjustable function where you can adjust the back and forth movement and the height of the seat. Most Pakistani cars do not have the height adjustment option, but Kia Picanto gives this to us.
  • Kia Picanto being a hash-back car gives the passengers a good headspace and average legroom. The car’s rear seats come in sixty to forty split and can be folded down as well.
  • The car’s headlights have a single point for high light and low light alike. The headlight area also includes a parking lamp as well as indicator lights. The headlight is also fog proof. The car’s side view gives a very edgy look at there’s as there’s a sharp outward hump traveling from the rear to the front of the car.
  • There are no indicator lights on the side of Kia Picanto, which is a mysterious feature coming from the company. The car’s tires come in sizes 165, 65, and 14. The tires include a 14-inch rim. The car’s rear lights do not come with reverse lamps; it just has indicators and brake lamps. Kia Picanto involves a rear windshield washer and the handle of which lies with the front windshield control.
  • The roof of the car is completely simple with an ariel antenna only. The automatic car comes with an ‘automatic’ sign at the lower left back of the car. The car doesn’t include a reverse camera but can fit an exterior rear camera.

Gear function

The car consists of a well-functioning music system and air conditioning as well. The gear selection includes P, R, N, D, 3, 2, and 1. Picanto comes in manual as well as automatic versions. The fuel type for Kia Picanto is petrol. It also has average trunk space. Kia Picanto’s fuel average is 5.8L/100km.

Only two variants of Kia Picanto have been introduced in Pakistan, which is automatic and manual.

Kia Picanto Price in Pakistan

Kia Picanto’s price in Pakistan can range from 20.5 – 21.5 lakhs. It has two variants being Kia Picanto 1.0 MT and 1.0 AT

Kia PicantoPrice in  Pakistan
AutomaticPKR 3,100,000
ManualPKR 3,200,000

Colour range

Kia Picanto colors available in Pakistan are as follows

  • Aintree metallic green
  • Baltoro ice metallic
  • Corris grey metallic
  • Firenze red metallic
  • Fuji white
  • Indus silver metallic
  • Kaikora stone mtallic
  • Loire blue metallic
  • Phoenix orange metallic
  • Santorini black metallic
  • Scotia grey metallic
  • Waitomo Grey metallic
  • Yulong white

Why do we love it

In conclusion, this car is a family-friendly car with many new features that may not be available in other Pakistani cars. It’s smaller in size with average inside space making it of good use for families. Recently the company had a slight downfall in the Pakistani market. Other companies with cars had more to offer within the same price range as Kia Picanto Pakistan. There are other cars in the same price range with a bigger capacity, but that relies on the buyer’s personal preference.

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