Wednesday, May 22, 2024

KP Govt to End Doctor Fee Percentage in Sehat Card

The proposed elimination of doctor’s fees from the Sehat Card system in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) signals a significant shift in healthcare policy aimed at improving access and affordability for residents. By removing the financial burden of doctor’s fees, the government aims to ensure that individuals can seek medical treatment without worrying about out-of-pocket expenses, particularly in government hospitals where the majority of Sehat Card beneficiaries receive treatment.

Muzamil Aslam, the provincial advisor on finance, highlights the current arrangement where doctors receive 55% of the treatment costs covered by the health card. This indicates a substantial portion of the allocated funds going towards healthcare providers rather than directly benefiting patients. By eliminating doctor’s fees covered by health cards in government hospitals, the government aims to streamline healthcare spending and direct resources more efficiently towards patient care.

Moreover, the decision to cease health allowances for government employees underscores a broader commitment to rationalizing healthcare expenditure and ensuring equitable access to services. By reallocating funds from administrative costs to frontline healthcare delivery, the government can enhance the quality and availability of healthcare services for all citizens, regardless of their employment status.

However, the implementation of these changes will require careful planning and consideration of potential challenges. Ensuring that healthcare providers are adequately compensated through alternative mechanisms is crucial to maintaining quality care standards and avoiding any unintended consequences, such as staff shortages or reduced morale among medical professionals.

Overall, the proposed reforms represent a positive step towards strengthening the healthcare system in KP and advancing the goal of universal health coverage. By prioritizing patient needs and optimizing resource allocation, the government can create a more sustainable and inclusive healthcare system that benefits all residents.

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