Tuesday, April 23, 2024

KP to Open Up Eight New Tourist Zones

The Culture and Tourism Authority of KP will open 8 new tourist zones in the northern province to encourage tourism. Reports say that KP Chief Minister (CM) Mahmood Khan approved the sites.

Sources close to the Chief Minister of KP suggested that the preliminary survey of the mandated tourist sites was also completed.

In a joint effort with the World Bank, the KP Integrated Tourism Development (KITE) project was given responsibility for development. The locations chosen, called Eco-Friendly Tourism Zones, include the beautiful lower Chitral Kalash Valley, Shahi and Nin Shahi in lower Dir, Jarogudra in Swat, Marggoz Dak Sar in Buner, Elm and Mahabanrr in Buner, and Mansehra’s Sereen and Munawar Valley.

Kamran Afridi, managing director of the KP Culture and Tourism Authority (KP-CTA), reportedly claimed that the government chose to balance the recurring load on frequently visited tourist destinations, in addition to boosting tourism in general. ‘The zone would also provide local people with job opportunities,’ he further said.

Afridi later announced that by June-21, foreign consulting firms would present full reports on selected zones. From there on out the government will publicize tourism ventures.

According to news, a state-of-the-art communication system, rigorous investment plans, hotels, rest rooms, a primitive golf course, some chairlifts and parks would be equipped in the new tourist areas.

The tourist zones will be introduced to the provincial government after the master plans have been finalized before looping into the International Tourism Expo to draw foreign visitors and investments.

Every tourist zone will provide locals with new opportunities and boost the fledgling rate of jobs.

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