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Kulsoom Hazara- Pakistani Female Karate Star awarded with “Icon of the Nation”

Many things are possible for a determinant girl who lost her parents before her tenth birthday celebration. Her flexibility has taken her from one solidarity phase to another. She is an inspiration as in independent girl who achieves her goals of life.

Kulsoom Hazara opened her eyes in the world on September 4, 1988 in Quetta. The youngest and most youthful of three sisters and one sibling, she lost her mother when she was just two years old but when she reached to 5 years old kid, her dad took her to a neighborhood karate club.

Successful Journey of Kulsoom Hazara

Kulsoom Hazara has kicked and punched right out of the most hopeless minutes in her day to day existence to end up on triumph stands, garlanded by awards and more appreciation.

Her karate club in Karachi’s Lyari has played a vital and significant role in her life. It is an organization where she has different bosses like Saadi Abbas who encourages her to polish her skills further.


However, Kulsoon has stayed a productive entertainer at the public level since 2002, winning many gold awards. She has, truth be told, had the differentiation of getting cap stunts of gold awards continuously in upwards of four public occasions.

Kulsoom’s energy empowered her to take a significant jump in her profession when she turned into the public ladies’ karate champion, and figured out as how to do it in the year Sarwar was executed. Kulsoom is as yet the top female karateka in her weight class of +61kg and she is successfully achieving more awards.

Kulsoom consistently needed to address Pakistan in the global field and that chance came at the hour of the fourth Islamic Women Games in Tehran in 2005, where she got fifth position. In the end in 2010, she arrived at the platform, getting two bronze decorations in the South Asian Games in Dhaka. She says that it gives her extraordinary delight when the Pakistani banner is raised abroad as a result of something she does.

Kulsoom’s splendid presentation additionally saw her getting back with a gold and silver award from the 2016 South Asian Karate Championship in New Delhi.

She has also been awarded with the ‘Icon of the Nation’ title, grant on March 23 recently and the ‘Excellence Award” in sports on August 14, 2017.


She has managed her profession of sports along with her studies as she has completed her Master’s certificate in Health and Physical Education from the University of Karachi.

Apart from being a karate champion, she currently visualizes herself as a wellness specialist and mentor, and also helps other female karatekas to excel in this field.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
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