Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Kyrgyzstan Announces Online Exams for Pakistani Students Amid Violence

Kyrgyzstan has issued an apology for the incident in Bishkek and has promised to improve security for Pakistani students. The government is committed to arresting and prosecuting those responsible after conducting a thorough investigation.

The situation in Bishkek is gradually getting better, with new safety measures being put in place to protect the students. Some Pakistani students are facing issues with expired visas, and the Kyrgyz government has been asked to extend these visas temporarily. To ensure the students’ education continues smoothly, they will now attend their classes and take exams online.

The Pakistani embassy is taking steps to accommodate students, with special attention given to female students to ensure their safety and comfort. Additionally, a special plane is set to depart for Bishkek tonight to bring back 130 Pakistani students who wish to return home.

The delayed response from the police made the situation in some parts of the city more chaotic, resembling a mob-like scenario. This delay worsened the incident, but the authorities are now focused on preventing such situations in the future. They are taking actions to ensure the safety and well-being of all students currently in Bishkek. The Pakistani community and the students’ families are closely monitoring the situation, hoping for a swift resolution and safe return of the students.

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