Sunday, April 14, 2024

Lahore to Have Pakistan’s First State-of-the-Art Government Hospital, CM Maryam Nawaz

Maryam has shared her healthcare goals, focusing on the importance of having skilled doctors and proper medical equipment in local health facilities like basic health units, rural health centers, and tehsil headquarter hospitals.

She intends to set up modern hospitals in every district over the next five years to make healthcare more accessible and reduce the need for patients to travel long distances. Additionally, she has announced that starting immediately, medicines will be provided free of charge at all government hospitals throughout the province.

Furthermore, Maryam plans to introduce Punjab’s first air ambulance service within the next 12 weeks, especially targeting remote mountainous areas to improve healthcare accessibility. Additionally, she is working on establishing a motorized ambulance service. She is determined to implement various effective healthcare initiatives during her time in office.

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