Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Lahore Traffic Police Issues 99,000 Challans to Motorcyclists in Less than a Month

To ensure the safety of bike riders, Lahore City Traffic Police have issued 99,000 challans in the last three weeks to the people who were not wearing helmets.

Talking to the media, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Dr. Assad Malhi said that the helmet symbolizes safety.

The statement comes days after the police banned bikers entry on Mall Road without a helmet.

The CTO further said that 95% of bikers have started wearing helmets on Mall Road. “Helmet should be worn for self-safety and to avoid Challan and it keeps your head 70% safe from deadly injuries,”

He added that head injury cases have also dropped across hospitals in Lahore as more people wear helmets. Senior and young doctors have thanked CTO for focusing on this issue.

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