Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Lake Burlinskoye is a Pink Lake in Siberia and a Train Runs Through it

The train in the picture has special tools for collecting salt from the lake bottom. This is part of a big salt harvesting project that has been happening since 1768. Even Russian royalty, like Peter the Great, thought this lake’s salt was really special. Nowadays, they use machines to get a whopping 65,000 tons of salt every year from Burlinskoye. That’s enough to cover the world’s salt needs for a few days!

They do this by scrubbing the lake floor and collecting the salt and dirt mix in the train, which goes into the water along the railway. It looks really unique and cool.

Interestingly, there are red lakes like this in the United States too, but they’re not for speeding like the Bonneville Salt Flats. It’s important for people to follow the rules and not drive on the salt surface to avoid problems.

If you want to see more cool pictures of Lake Burlinskoye and its salt harvesting, you can check out The Calvert Journal, a travel site with amazing photos of this special place.

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