Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Last Video of Titan Submarine Going Under Sea Goes Viral

The last video of a submarine named ‘Titan’ going to see the wreckage of the titanic ship that sank in the Atlantic Ocean has surfaced before starting its journey.

The video shared on TikTok is a few moments before titan started its journey. In the video, ‘Titan’ can be seen going under the sea. TikToker Abbi Jaxxon wrote in her post, ‘Watching a submarine go to the Titanic’.

This video has been made by TikToker Abbi Jaxxon from a ship standing near ‘Titan’.

It should also be kept in mind that five passenger tourists, including two Pakistanis, were on board the missing submarine, according to the US Coast Guard estimates, the oxygen supply available to all the five passengers aboard the Titan submarine ended at 4:18 pm Pakistani time on June 22.

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