Monday, July 22, 2024

Leaking Someone’s Personal Data Can Cost You Fine Upto Over 50 Crores in Pakistan

The “Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023” has been approved by the Federal Cabinet, and it introduces strict penalties for violations related to personal data. People who misuse or share personal data without permission could be fined up to $2 million or an equivalent amount in Pakistani rupees. The goal of the bill is to control how personal data is collected, used, and shared, ensuring people’s privacy and protection.

To ensure the bill is properly implemented, the government will create the National Commission for Personal Data Protection (NCPDP) within six months of the bill’s start. The bill will become effective two years after it is introduced, and it sets rules for how personal data can be used by government, organizations, and individuals in a responsible and lawful way.

The bill aims to make online activities, like transactions and sharing information, safer and fairer. It provides legal protections for these activities and aims to safeguard sensitive information, especially for children. With more things moving online due to technology and the internet, the bill wants to create trust and ensure that the benefits of the digital world can be enjoyed while protecting people’s data.

The legislation also aims to align with global and regional data protection laws to find common ground and work together on data protection.

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