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LEAP, four-day annual tech conference hosted in the Saudi capital Riyadh

Such has been the overwhelming popularity of this year’s LEAP, a four-day annual tech conference hosted in the Saudi capital Riyadh, that organizers were forced to close the doors to new attendees on Tuesday after the venue reached maximum capacity. Held at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, the event’s second edition has seen a massive turnout, as some of the biggest names in the tech world highlight their products and discuss new industry trends.

For two days, students, entrepreneurs, and startup owners have braved Riyadh’s rush-hour traffic and large crowds to gain admission — a challenge one attendee described as “a logistical nightmare,” as more than 250,000 registrations were recorded on the first day alone.

Several young tech entrepreneurs were drawn by the prospect of competing in the contests and the chance to network on LEAP’s sidelines. However, the event’s enormous popularity appeared to overwhelm the available facilities.

Digi Persona Global (PVT) LTD at Leap Exhibition KSA on February 2023

This year, LEAP welcomed a substantial percentage of Pakistani exhibitors who have been capable of forging vital links with Saudi Arabian organizations. Nomaan Sheikh, CEO of Digi Persona, represents Pakistan’s premier multimedia organization at the Leap Exhibition during February 6 to February 9, 2023, along with the most professional team members on a worldwide platform.

Digi persona featured an amazing range of inspiring tech jargon in all key industries of digital entertainment, including social media, streaming services, video on demand, mobile entertainment, and many more. The CEO internationally commemorates multimedia inventors and emphasis the giant project funded.

The company is at the forefront in the use of automated processes to simplify marketing strategy and execution procedures and increase efficiency at a level. They provide unique technologies to empower advertisements, such as developing, improving, and generating between platforms derived from data estimation and forecasting.

The company has battled Riyadh’s rush hour chaos and record crowd for two consecutive days in an attempt to secure entry. The Exhibition has proven to be an excellent platform for investments, collaborations, contacts, and networking with people in the technology industry.

As a result, the Digi Persona’s presence in the 2nd edition of the LEAP was incredibly successful, as it provided an opportunity to communicate with customers, partners, and brand awareness, as well as increase user engagement of the importance of taking a strategic approach to the digital world.

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