Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Legal or Illegal? Islamabad Court Announces Decision on Imran Khan’s Arrests

A safe decision was reached by Chief Justice Amir Farooq, and the court also served letters of contempt on the Interior Secretary and the IG Islamabad regarding the vandalism. The Registrar has directed the Islamabad High Court to register a FIR, and the Registrar will investigate and provide a report by May 16.

The judgement in the case of the arrest of Chairman PTI from the court grounds, which was rendered today, had earlier been reserved by the Islamabad High Court.

After the interval, the hearing began, and Imran Khan’s arrest from the courthouse was covered. Injured lawyer Ali Bukhari and Naeem Haider Panjhota appeared before the court who presented the copy of Imran Khan’s warrant before the court.

The Chief Justice remarked, “I don’t know if NAB has the authority to make such an arrest.” What happened to the court officials, solicitors, police and regular citizens? Is this arrest authorized?

The judge deferred the hearing for a half-hour and summoned the DG NAB Rawalpindi and Prosecutor General NAB.

The court questioned the NAB’s attorney about when the inquiry became an investigation and whether the accused had access to the file. The chief justice said, “All I want to see today is that the arrest was legally valid,” as the court stopped the NAB prosecutor from discussing the merits as the response was starting.

When the prosecutor told the court that Imran Khan had to appear in the trial court within 24 hours, Imran Khan’s attorney Khawaja Haris responded that they had just learned that Bushra Bibi had also been taken into custody. today and submitted their petition here.

The Rangers obeyed the warrants in front of Islamabad Police, according to the IG Islamabad, who told the court that he was aware of the Rangers’ actions.

The judge made a comment on this, saying that while what transpired was not too much, what would happen if all of this was illegal? The approach used was incorrect because if four wrongs are added together, one cannot be right. Following the conclusion of the proceedings, the Islamabad High Court postponed making a judgement regarding the arrest of Imran Khan.

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