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Leopard Courier – Rate List, Online Tracking, Helpline and Other Details

If you do a lot of online shopping or have friends and family members who live in different cities, you’ve probably heard of leopard courier service.

Leopard Courier is one of Pakistan’s fastest and most reliable delivery services. We’ll look at a leopard courier service and all the other aspects in this article. This is going to be a lot of fun. So don’t skip ahead and read the entire article.

Leopard Courier Pakistan

Leopard Courier, founded in 1983 by Jehangir Shahid, is Pakistan’s second-largest private courier company. It caters to its customers by opening over 700 express centres across Pakistan and running a statewide network of over 1500 locations. Leopard Courier is a Pakistan-based company that also offers worldwide services. They provide delivery services both by land and by air.

Mian Jehangir Shahid spotted an opportunity at a time when even Pakistani firms were fighting to stay afloat. After relocating to Karachi in the 1970s and working on numerous projects, he saw that Pakistan’s economic collapse had harmed many people’s livelihoods.

Leopard Courier Pakistan

He recognized that there is no correspondence between firms due to a lack of secure and organized courier and mail service after working in the manufacturing industry. As a result, he founded his own company that specialized in fast delivering shipments and consignments across various regions of the country, eventually saving time for those who need it the most!

For over 25 years, Leopards Courier Services has been a rising star in the courier sector. They’ve gone from having only five destinations to having thousands across Pakistan and beyond, with delivery vehicles and couriers known simply as Leopards because of their characteristic black outfits worn on missions like stealthy assassins.

The company also operated one Boing 737-300 aircraft. They also recently joined with Alibaba to bring down Daraz. pk alongside DHL’s international division (DPD) in an acquisition that we now refer to as “Leopard Global.” This fleet offers local warehousing services.

Services Offered by Leopards Courier Pakistan

Leopard COD

Leopards Express now offers more domestic services, making shipping easier for you and your clients.

Leopard also provides a cash-on-delivery service, ensuring that its customers receive products that are free of defects.

On-Time Delivery

Leopard customers can dispatch their items according to their own terms and schedules using Mera time delivery.

Overland Services

Leopard offers an economical alternative in the shape of an overland service for the delivery of heavyweight packages and commodities weighing more than 10kg. It guarantees a quick and secure delivery.

Services Offered by Leopards Courier Pakistan

International Logistics

Leopard has offices in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, and offers international services at competitive pricing. Plus Worldwide delivery for urgent, time-sensitive documents and parcels; insurance is given for high-value goods, either through our own offices or global integrators.

Other Services

Other services it offers include overnight delivery & e-fulfillment.

Leopard Courier Charges/Rate List

Leopard offers varying delivery fees and times for each city. When you alter the destination or substitute the product with something else, the pricing may fluctuate.

They include almost every location where you can ship your stuff in the Leopard courier tracking charges list. It also includes a comprehensive list of products that you can deliver to this company, as well as their price ranges.

Here Are the Charges List of Leopards courier :

Weight LOCAL Same Zone Other Zone
Up to 500 gm 140 200 280
Up to 1 Kg 190 260 340
Each Add. 500 gm 95 130 170

You can easily visit their express shop and inquire about the rate list with the customer service representative. He will show you the list so you can have an idea of how much you will have to pay for the delivery of your purchase. Additionally, you can utilize Leopard’s official website’s online rate calculator.

All you have to do now is correctly complete all parts. The program will pull information from Leopard’s database and provide the precise amount you must pay for that delivery.

Leopard Overnight Rates

This is for items carried within the same province and costs Rs 160 for 1kg and Rs 90 for every additional 500g.The fifth province charges Rs. 180 for parcels up to 500 grams and Rs. 210 for things weighing 1kg, with an extra charge of Rs. 130 for every 500 grams added .Rs 200 for 1kg and Rs 100 for another 500 grams for a different province.

Leopard Yellow Box

Leopards Courier Services - Leading the Cash on Delivery Market

Designed for large/bulky shipments. It is secure and prevents inner damage or breaking. Leopard personnel will assist you if you bring your shipment to one of our express stations. Also, keep in mind that the fees for this service are as follows:

The Leopard Yellow Box is priced at Rs 200 per kilogram; this drops as the box size increases, up to Rs 2500 for 25 kilogram shipments sent to a different location, and an extra Rs 120 for each additional kilogram.

Parcels within the same province will be charged Rs. 160 for 1kg, Rs. 160 for extra 1kg, Rs. 270 for 2kg, Rs. 1,700 for 25 kg, and Rs. 2500 for parcels from different provinces.

Leopard Economy

Within two days, the most cost-effective large delivery package.The pricing for parcels up to 5 kilograms is Rs. 400 for each province inside Pakistan, with an additional Rs. 800 for each kilogram.

Price influencing factors

Here’s a quick rundown of all the elements Leopard courier considers when determining the price of each delivery.

Product Weight

Leopards’ courier fees will vary depending on the weight of the merchandise. The less you have to pay, the lighter your goods will be. Your delivery fee will rapidly rise as the weight of your order rises.

The reason for this is that the corporation needs to set aside a lot of room for massive objects. As a result, they will charge you more than for lighter products. Furthermore, according to the nature of the goods, the pricing may vary slightly.

For example, if you’re sending a fragile item like glass, you’ll have to pay an additional fee. The reason for this is that the carrier is responsible for a different level of product care.

Shipment type and distance

The rate list varies depending on the type of cargo and the distance between sender and receiver. You will have to pay a small fee if you are sending your merchandise locally. However, you should double-check the price list because it will substantially vary if you have to ship your things worldwide.

Similarly, the rate list will be influenced by the distance between cities or sending-receiving sites. When you modify both of these points, you’ll obtain a slightly higher or lower pricing. Using Leopards’ online rate calculator, you can easily see how the price changes.

Leopard Courier Helpline Number

C-17, Korangi Road DHA Phase 2, Extension, Karachi, Pakistan is the address for the company’s headquarters. You can also call their Issue Number or Customer Care Number if you have a complaint. For the next 24 hours, you can talk about anything relating to your city’s local branch or any other topic. Call this helpline number 021-111-300-786 without hesitating to fix your problem.

Helpline Number: 021-111-300-786

Head Office Address: 109 19 F, Imam Ahmed Road, e-market, block 6 PECHS Karachi

Phone or Contact Number: 021-111-300-786

Official Website:

Email Address: [email protected]


In comparison to other service providers in the country, Leopards courier has lesser rates. Using the methods indicated above, you can look at its list. This will give you an idea of how much it will cost to mail a parcel to any city in the country.

Additionally, when you have a general notion of pricing, you can choose Leopards courier’s cash on delivery service.

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