Friday, May 24, 2024

LG Patents a Unique-Looking Rollable Laptop

Since TCL, Oppo, and a few other tech giants displayed their versions of the technology on potential future devices, the idea of rollable displays has become more common. LG already has a rollable TV that goes for a whopping $60,000, but a patent for a rollable monitor laptop has now been issued by the Korean firm.

A special new laptop form factor that can unroll its monitor to have a 13.3-inch screen as well as a wide 17-inch panel is illustrated by LG’s new patent. Furthermore, the photos show that to take less space, the keyboard and touchpad can also fold away, thus being even more compact than it already is.

The laptop monitor in the above picture can be seen extending from 13.3-inch to 17-inch in height. With the ability to fold in half, the keyboard and touchpad can also be seen thanks to two hinges just under the keyboard on the right and left edges. There are no information as to exactly how this type factor functions yet.

However, we suggest taking the data with a grain of salt, as with any other concept patent, as these ideas sometimes never go beyond the drafting stage.

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