Monday, May 27, 2024

LG won’t leave the company of smartphones anytime soon

In the past, we have seen different stories suggesting that LG will stop manufacturing smartphones due to its faltering business in the future. Once again, the most recent Korean publication article, The Elec, had the same dramatic argument, saying that LG would eventually leave the smartphone market.

The report claimed that LG has sent a message to all or any its employees, telling them to prevent all developments apart from the rollable phone that was announced during CES this year. The report also said that LG would announce the move publicly by the top of this month.

Following the news, AndroidPolice reached bent LG’s global communicator for consumer tech, Ken Hong, to seek out out if it’s true or not. Hong immediately debunked the rumor saying that it’s “Completely false and without merit. I won’t even justify that rumor with a press release.”

A denial of a rumour may not be simpler than this, and it is fair to assume that LG Mobile is not going anywhere.

Since then, the original paper from The Elec has also been taken down.

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