Sunday, June 4, 2023

Locally Assembled MG HS Launched at the Price of Rs. 69 Lac

MG HS, one of the most loved SUVs of consumers will now be assembled in Pakistan.

Javed Afridi Announces the Launch of Local Assembled MG HS.

The automaker has come with an amazing revelation, narrating that the launch of the CKD unit the car is just a few hours away.

The SUV can be booked at both full (Rs. 6,899,000) and partial payment.

The partial payment would be 20% of the full payment. The company has asserted that if driven properly, the HS will provide a combined consumption of 7.3 liters/100 kilometers, meaning 13kilomters/liter. And being a crossover SUV, it is indeed an excellent fuel average.

As per law of the land, the consumers who paid the full booking price will get the car within 60 days whilst those who booked the SUV at a partial payment would get the car after 60 days of booking.

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