Saturday, May 18, 2024

Locally Assembled Vehicles Delivery Time Will be Now Upto 9 Months: Report

According to a report, the car delivery waiting period for various locally produced vehicles has reached up to 9 months due to restrictions on auto finance, high registration fee, and skyrocketing prices.

Honda Atlas has recently begun taking partial reservations for its new 11th generation Civic model. However, due to increasing demand, the delivery period for a new Honda Civic has increased to 8 months from the time of order. Not to mention that the firm has not publicly revealed any specifications, features, or images of the vehicle, neither has it shown it to the public as yet.

Furthermore, the 6th generation Honda City now has a three to four month waiting time, whereas the BR-V has a two to three month waiting time.

In addition, the average waiting time for a Toyota Corolla and IMV is four to five months, while the Yaris is delivered in two months. The Yaris has a tiny on-money (premium), but the Corolla and its flagship Altis Grande models have a “premium” of roughly Rs 300,000.

Moreover, it has also been reported that Yaris, after a year of dominance, has begun to see a steep drop in sales, prompting Toyota to stop revealing individual Corolla and Yaris sales and instead present them as a combined total, similar to what Honda Atlas has done with Civic and City since 2014.

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