Sunday, May 19, 2024

LUMS and Stacks Pakistan Join Hands to Bring Blockchain Technology to the Forefront

In today’s world, blockchain technology has developed from simply a cryptocurrency backend to a framework for supporting a variety of distributed applications.

LUMS and Stacks have joined hands for setting up a novel academic programme that aims to fuel research on blockchain technology and distributed applications. As one of Pakistan’s leading universities, LUMS can use the five million STX tokens (prsently equal to around PKR 400 million or the US $2.5 million) granted by Hiro, formerly known as Blockstack PBC, to create and construct educational programmes that will allow faculty and students to study blockchain, cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technology, and more.

It aims to have a decidedly realistic feel, with an emphasis on emerging markets and other areas where these innovations can most effectively be implemented. The Stacks ecosystem is a group of autonomous organisations, developers, and community members working to create a user-owned internet on Bitcoin.

Experienced in delivering full-scale support for a wide range of funded and collaborative projects, the staff at the LUMS Office of Research will work closely with the faculty and researchers. Study and programming will be carried out in conjunction with the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE) at LUMS.

LUMS has a rich history of becoming a leader in technology and science. The University will use the funding to educate the next generation of researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs through new educational programmes involving interdisciplinary courses on blockchain and its applications.

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