Tuesday, July 16, 2024

M.Rizwan Breaks Record for Slowest Fifty in T20 World Cup History

Pakistan’s Mohammad Rizwan delivered a steady and composed performance, scoring 53 runs off 53 balls, leading Pakistan to a seven-wicket victory over Canada in the T20 World Cup 2024.

Rizwan’s half-century was not only crucial for the team’s success but also set a new record in cricket history. His 50-run milestone became the slowest fifty ever scored in T20 World Cup history, surpassing the previous record held by South Africa’s David Miller. This achievement highlights Rizwan’s ability to maintain focus and perseverance under pressure.

This match marked Rizwan’s significant contribution as he became the first Pakistani batsman to score a fifty in this year’s T20 World Cup. Additionally, he is the third player to reach a fifty at this venue, further showcasing his skill and determination.

Rizwan’s performance was instrumental in guiding Pakistan to chase down the target set by Canada. His steady batting provided a solid foundation, allowing the team to achieve victory in the 18th over. This win was crucial for Pakistan, as it kept their hopes alive for advancing in the tournament.

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