Saturday, May 25, 2024

M-Tag Requirement in Motorway causes Long Traffic Jam at Toll Plazas

Recently, long lines of vehicles have formed at toll plazas as a result of the latest ban on vehicles without an M-Tag entering the motorway.

However, motorists and passengers have told the media that all M2 motorway booths are packed, and that getting an M-Tag takes two to three hours. “Many people are in an emergency, yet they are not permitted to enter without M-Tag,” they claimed.

Inam Ghani, the Inspector-General of the National Highways and Motorway Police, recently tweeted that 84,970 M-Tags were given in the last six days, up from 6,390 tags in the previous six days.

Moreover, he praised the public’s efforts in this area and said that the number of M-Tag stations and toll booths within the cities will be expanded for the public’s convenience.
The development was made to reduce the amount of time spent in long lineups at toll plazas, as per the motorway authorities.

They further explained that automating the payment process and mandating M-Tags will reduce traffic congestion.

Motorists can check their M-Tag IDs by sending an SMS to 9909 with the text ‘mtag’ space ‘CNIC No.’

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