Monday, May 27, 2024

Major Airlines Cancel & Divert Flights Amid Airspace Closure

Airlines are facing challenges due to airspace closures caused by recent conflict in the Middle East. Countries like Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon have closed their airspace, limiting flight routes between Europe and Asia.

As a result, airlines are being forced to change their flight paths to avoid areas of conflict. This rerouting can make flights longer and more expensive due to the additional fuel needed.

Kuwait Airways is changing its flight paths to steer clear of conflict zones. Swiss International Air Lines has halted its flights to Tel Aviv for the time being, as a safety measure.

Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq have also closed their airspace temporarily as a safety precaution. Amman extended the closure, citing increased risks in the region.

These changes reflect how airlines are adapting to ensure the safety of their passengers and crew during this tense time in the Middle East.

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