Saturday, March 2, 2024

Man claims that MG Motors’ manager and staff imprisoned and killed his father in a fight over a car delivery delay

In a heartbreaking occurrence in the Punjab capital, a man named Ghaus Gondal resorted to social media on Saturday to relay the account of his father’s suspected death after a battle with employees of a car company.

He stated: “I can’t believe my DAD is no longer with us. They kidnapped him from me and my family!! You were always there to teach me and to fight for my and others’ rights. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL YOU GET JUSTICE. This deception must be halted, ye MAFIA kaah gai hai hummay aour hamaray mulk ko!! MY FATHER WAS KILLED TODAY! WHO ARE THEY GOING TO KILL NEXT?”

It was also stated: “I will not allow anyone endure the same fate as me. You will have to answer in court for detaining, torturing, and killing my father. KAHAN GAI INSANIYAAT???”

“The firm got the remaining funds but refused to deliver the automobile. This irritated my father, and he chastised the car dealership’s employees for providing bad customer service and failing to keep their promises. We reserved the automobile in February 2021, and it was scheduled to come in July of this year “he stated.

The individual believes that guards at the retail mall where the vehicle company’s office is located should also be armed.

Toward the end of his video message, the bereaved man addressed Pakistani businesses and the owner of the automobile company, which had failed to honor its promises regarding vehicle delivery.

He claimed that the company’s owner had close relationships with influential people and could manipulate the situation.

However, the complainant revealed that a case had been filed against the company’s employees following the incident and threatened to take all those responsible to court.

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