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Man who ‘flew from London to New York without passport or boarding pass’ arrested

Craig Sturt, a 46-year-old individual, has been arrested under serious allegations after purportedly flying from London to New York without possessing a passport or any form of documentation.

Sturt’s arrest took place in Richmond, southwest London, around 8 am, on suspicion of failing to appear in court. Originating from Slough, Sturt stands accused of boarding a British Airways flight from Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 on December 23 of the previous year without the necessary documents. This peculiar incident first led to his detention around 8 pm on Christmas Day upon his return to London.

Reports suggest that Sturt managed to navigate through Heathrow’s security measures on December 23 by circumventing the check-in process and slipping past security gates by tailgating another individual. Despite lacking a boarding pass, he successfully passed through passport control and boarded the flight destined for JFK airport in New York. Shockingly, he found a seat on the long-haul flight despite the absence of proper documentation.

Law enforcement authorities have charged Sturt with several offenses, including obtaining services by deception, being unlawfully airside, and boarding an aircraft without permission. His failure to attend a scheduled hearing at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on January 22 resulted in his subsequent arrest on February 12 for failing to appear in court.

British Airways has affirmed its cooperation with the authorities in their investigation, while a spokesperson for Heathrow Airport emphasized that all individuals accessing airside areas undergo rigorous security screening, including the individual involved in this peculiar case. They reiterated their full support for the ongoing investigation by law enforcement agencies.

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